Get Sleep Healing is a unique listening experience. It creates deep levels of healing and sleep. Not just regular sleep which is healing, but extraordinarily deep healing as well as extraordinarily renewing deep sleep.

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Video 1 – Sleep

Because your physical and emotion well-being can effect your ability to sleep well and the quality of your sleep effects the quality of your physical and emotional well-being, improvement in any of these areas can have profound benefits on all other areas of your life.

Get Sleep Healing is the only product that does both of these for you simultaneously. Biochemical and neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain and body are an integral component of your physical and emotional well-being and effect your ability to sleep well. Get Sleep Healing can help restore your body and brain back to the balance you once enjoyed.

Video 2 – Health & Healing

You may experience more peace of mind, deeper levels of relaxation and contentment, improved cognitive ability, greater clarity or mind, and more vitality for life. Many people report reduction of pain and unexpectedly rapid recovery from injury, illness, or surgery.

Everyone responds differently. You might fall asleep at any point, near the beginning or somewhere in the middle. Either way is fine. Your inner mind will continue to respond to the healing messages while you continue to sleep.

Video 3 – Mental Clarity


You will hear gentle music in the background and two separate voices. At the beginning each voice speaks in turn, one then the other. Cynthia speaks metaphorically to the intuitive side of the mind through your left ear, while Bill speaks to the logical side of the brain through your right ear.

As the story progresses the voices pleasantly overlap. You may find yourself listening to one voice more than the other or both voices equally, or you may safely drift off into a peaceful relaxation as your inner mind-body sleep-healing system responds to the gentle sleep-healing messages.


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Sleep Healing Audios are carefully scripted to target both the sleep and healing centers of the brain. We devoted countless hours over many months carefully scripting Sleep Healing to produce maximum benefits while also creating comfortable relaxed states of mind.

The result is the safest and most effective way to bring about what ever personal benefits you need. There is nothing to study, learn or understand. You don’t need to pay attention to anything. Simply listen and let Sleep Healing do the rest.

Get Sleep Healing uses a unique combination of NLP, along with right and left brain technology to target important areas of your brain to re-activate your other-than-conscious resources and integrate them into your life to heal your mind and body. Your body and brain already knows how to heal. Get Sleep Healing today and get back to normal.

Video 4 – Save 10% to 60% – Points & Rewards

Refreshing Nap

Get Sleep Healing is great pick me up after stressful day. Its a nice refresher when you’re getting foggy headed or running out of steam in the middle of the day. Listen any time you want to give your mind and body a healthy boost of healing power.

Mind-Body Healing

Your inner mind-body healing system has all the memories of effortlessly falling asleep thousands of times in the past. Your other-than-conscious mind already knows how to fall asleep easily. Your other-than-conscious mind already knows how to process all the data collected throughout the day, resolve mental conflicts and let go of tension and stress that may have built up over time.

Understand that you are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed. Your other-than-conscious mind already has all the resources you need. You just need better access to these resources at the appropriate times and places in your life again.

Remember what it was like when you could simply fall asleep without effort. And think about how many times your body has healed itself throughout your life without any conscious thought, from cuts and scratches to colds and flu.

Why not get your life back into balance? Why not start now? Get Sleep Healing and start feeling better today.

“The Sleep Healing Tape by Bill and Cynthia has greatly helped me in the recovery of a pulled ligament of my left knee this summer. After just a few times of listening to the tape I felt a reduction of the pain level and found more peace with my situation of having to sit still. Thank you for your great contribution to healing.”


Christina Turner

Self Employed, Salt Lake City, U.T

“I had nose surgery in January. Before the surgery, I played your tape several times to prepare myself for a quick and healthy recovery. For several days after the surgery, I played the tape on continuous loop for several hours each day. Everything worked out exactly as I planned it. In fact, my doctor was amazed at how quickly I recovered from the surgery. Although I can’t prove it, I believe your “Sleep Healing” tape was an important factor in my speedy recovery.”

Terry Bragg

Peacemakers Training,, Murray, U.T

“When I had cataract surgery there were lots of thought viruses: “People my age have difficulty healing.”, “People that heal too quickly have a lot of scar tissue.”, etc. I started listening to the tape 3 weeks in advance of the surgery. One week before the surgery I listened to it 3 times per day. After the surgery, I stayed home and listened to the tape on continuous play. I had absolutely no trouble. 24 hours after the surgery I had 20/25 vision. The doctor said, “You don’t deserve to see that well in just 24 hours.” I know it was the tape and my attitude toward healing because I have a friend who had the same surgery about 4 months later and she did have all the problems they told her she would have. She now has to go back to have scar tissue removed with a laser. I use the tape a lot. It helped me so much through that period. When I get a little down or I get a little ache here or a little pain there or whatever, I just put that tape on and listen to it 2 or 3 nights before I go to sleep and it works really well for me. It does! It really does!”

Jo Goul

Self Employed, Boise, I.D

“When my best friend’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, I recommended Accelerated Healing. Between her pain, her fear, and treatment side effects, she had trouble sleeping – but she found relief listening to it and said that it became a comforting friend during a dark time. Today, she is 12 years cancer-free and still listens to it as needed. When she first received the all-clear from the doctor, she called to tell me that she credited much of her healing to Accelerated Healing and its positive messages, saying she felt like she wouldn’t have had the same outcome without it.”           “Needless to say, I highly recommend it !”

Susan Sanders



Performing 30 minutes of daily exercise conveys numerous health benefits, including improved sleep. Start off slowly with a nice walk so that aching muscles don’t derail your efforts, and make sure to finish your workout several hours before bedtime to give your body sufficient time to relax.




Limit your overall intake of foods with caffeine, and avoid foods and drinks with caffeine altogether after the dinner hour. While coffee and tea are easily recognized sources of caffeine, foods such as chocolate and many soft drinks are loaded with this sleep-defying stimulant. Even over-the-counter pain relievers can contain high doses of caffeine, so be sure to read the labels and give your system time to adjust.ntes



Just as your body needs to relax nearing bedtime, so does your mind. Television and computer screens flash lights and images that engage your mind and keep it stimulated.  Shutting down these screens and dimming surrounding lights will have a calming effect on your psyche and help prepare you for sleep.




At least an hour before bed, luxuriating in a warm—not hot—bath relaxes muscles and the mind, easing your way toward a good night’s sleep. Adding a drop of lavender oil to your bath will increase its effectiveness, as studies show that this age-old treatment for sleeplessness has proven beneficial for those seeking sleep in modern test groups.



Our specially designed audio focuses on the sleep center of the brain to guide you past the physical obstacles that have been preventing you from falling asleep.  Your mind is key in enabling you to get the sleep you need. Combining narrative messaging, music and specific sounds your brain needs to trigger sleep is the featured element of our Sleep Healing audio. The best part—there’s nothing you have to do but listen and sleep!



  • Work with your body’s natural ability to heal and sleep.
  • Create deeper levels of relaxation tonight.
  • Rebalance your brain and your energy every day.
  • Promote physical and emotional well-being.
  • Be more productive, creative, and positive.

Get Sleep Healing today for a good night sleep tonight.