Full Night Sleep (Downloadable Audio File)


This Full Night Sleep Version of Get Sleep Healing is designed for those times when you want to fall asleep easily and sleep as long as you would like.

You don’t have to pay attention or learn anything. No need to think about anything. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the music and let Sleep Healing heal your mind and body while you rest.

Effortlessly release all your stress. Balance all parts of your unconscious mind using these guided meditations. Wake up fully refreshed, feeling really good, and ready to go.

In addition to remarkable physical benefits, people felt peaceful, calm and content. People report waking refreshed and ready to go.

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How to use the Sleep Version

Only listen to the Sleep version when you have finished your bedtime routine and are ready to fall asleep for an extended period of time.  Before you turn on the recording, lie down, adjust your headphones, and make yourself comfortable and ready to sleep. Once you are lying down and comfortable you can start the recording. Remember to Listen in stereo with headphones. Relax, enjoy and drift into sleep.

The voices and words on this recording are fully audible. There are no hidden or subliminal messages. You will hear gentle music in the background and two separate voices, a woman and a man.

This Sleep Version is basically the same as the 20 Minute Nap Version except that this version allows you to go to continue sleeping.

This unique recording is a powerful way to comfortably balance the logical and creative sides of your brain. You may listen as often as you like because all side effects are beneficial. For best results remember to enjoy listening in stereo with headphones.

Some people have reported, however, that even without headphones, that any way you listen to this recording will bring deep levels of relaxation and as well as other personal benefits.

Because this recording can induce deep levels of relaxation, drowsiness, and sleep, NEVER USE WHILE OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE OR OTHER DANGEROUS EQUIPMENT.


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