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It started with a simple step forward…

As if by design, Bill Weber’s life has been shaped by an intellectual curiosity that has guided him to fields of study and immersion in diverse cultures that have led him to discover remarkable connections between the mind and body.

Bill wanted to understand everything he could about creativity and imagination, motivation and learning, metaphysics and psychic ability, and of course communication, relationships and human connections.

His undergraduate studies featured both art and psychology, a grounding in the essence of ideas and inspiration, and the pathology of the mind. Bill earned his Master of Arts in Linguistics, furthering his ability to communicate the processes and inner workings of the human psyche and their relationship to physical capabilities.

Bill has taken full advantage of his opportunities to travel, having both studied and taught while living in Alexandria, Egypt, and having pursued additional studies on an academic program in the Islands of the Bahamas. Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree, he journeyed to Thailand to live among students he’d befriended in his travels. This broad international exposure opened new venues of thought—wherein he delved deeply into Flying Star Feng Shui and Tantric—all of which helped direct Bill’s quest toward the Spiritual Nature of our lives.

Bill’s introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and subsequent certifications as a Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer as well as Certified NLP Health Practitioner put the final pieces in place to enable him to translate psychological ideation into therapies that resonated in the body itself—a true mind-body connection.

GetSleepHealing (previously titled: ‘Accelerated Healing’) is the culmination of years of study, and the development of essential techniques that connect the mind and body.

Science tells us that there are physical and biological causes of insomnia and that if properly conducted, the brain can be used to successfully address even chronic sleeplessness. Bill’s path has led him to create a product that focuses on the body’s natural healing center, the brain, to help you find the rest you’ve been longing for.  That’s a step well taken.


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Bill Weber

Bill Weber


BA in Psychology, MA in Linguistics, Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer in NLP, Co-author of “Sleep Healing” Audios, Author of “Choosing Me”, and “Hearts Touching”, Love Letters From A Poet, Volumes 1 & 2.

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Cynthia Becker

Cynthia Becker


Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer in NLP, Professional Intuitive Consultant, Life Coach, Co-author of “Sleep Healing” Audios.


“Last summer I woke up in the morning my head was just full. Then I started using the tape and it never did that any more. The following July or August I had gotten away from listening to your tape. I got a problem in my muscle, my right upper trap. I felt like my shoulder was hyped up on one side. It was so weird. Since September 1st, I started listening to your tape before I went to bed and I feel normal again. I know that it’s just keeping my mind centered and listening to your healing tape. And you know what else is weird is that I did have a lot of sinus problems this summer too. But as of September 1st it was all gone. It’s amazing! It has worked wonders for me!”

Tina Akers

Physical Fitness Trainer, Self Employed


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